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Conference & Banquets

Mafraq Hotel & Resort Event Venues

Mafraq Hotel is an unparalleled destination for unique gatherings, whether meetings, celebrations, banquets and conventions on the Al Mafraq area. With 7 function rooms in a variety of sizes to fit all needs, Mafraq Hotel is renowned to ensure a flawless and memorable spectacle to remember. Each venue is equipped with state of the art audio-visual technology including LCD projectors, music systems, and presentation systems.

Events will be a breeze as Mafraq Hotel provides a team of experienced experts that is committed to helping each client with every need before, during, and after the occasion. A team of masterful artisans offers an extensive spread of gastronomic options tailored for each event.

The Baniyas Ballroom can accommodate up to 300 people for a reception, while the Wathba and Bahiya venues are better suited for small events.  We provide a host of conference services, including video projectors, television monitors, mobile conference system, LCD projectors, presentation systems, music systems, sound reinforcement systems, lighting dimmers, dance floors and loud speakers.


Exchange “I Do’s” in an opulent setting of timeless elegance at Mafraq Hotel. Celebrate new beginnings in a bespoke grand, formal, or intimate setting with families and friends offered in the luxury hotel’s premiere wedding halls. With a team of events experts dedicated towards staging celebrations inspired by grandeur vision, Mafraq Hotel is where dreams of the perfect wedding are brought to life.



 Al Wathba Meeting Room

The Al Wathba Meeting Room is ideal for large scale meetings and presentation. At 107 square meters, the hall can accommodate a minimum of 25-seating capacity and a maximum of 90 seating capacity. Presentation essentials such as LCD Projectors, laptops, and speakers are available upon request.



Baniyas Ballroom

The Baniyas Ballroom is recognized for hosting events of utmost importance by international companies and other momentous occasions such as weddings and birthday celebrations. With a seating capacity of more than 300, Baniyas Ballroom is an ideal venue for holding large-scale events and gatherings in a banquet setting. It may also be divided into two small ballrooms for an intimate setting.



Al Bahiya Meeting Room

The Al Bahiya Meeting room serves idyllic for boardroom meetings and executive sessions as its private setting can accommodate a 16-seating capacity. Presentation essentials such as LCD Projectors, laptops, and speakers are available upon request.




Outdoor Catering

Experience a phenomenal dining and reception as Mafraq Hotel offers an Outdoor Catering service for all occasions. The expansive gardens of the 4-star hotel seats more than XX persons. With the spectacular pool area as its iconic backdrop, guests are treated to the comforts of a picturesque outdoor setting.




Executive Lounge and Business Center

For an exclusive business arrangement, opt for the Executive Lounge and Business Center at Mafraq Hotel. Guests are in for a personalized event experience as the lounge can be flexibly designed for an array of floor plans to accommodate private dinners, receptions, classes and presentations with a seating capacity of up to 110 persons.